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The "Karnischen Höhenweg" runs along the border between Austria and Italy. The way stretches for 150 km, from Sillian to Arnoldstein. We hike the more interesting alpine part of the hiking trip is situated to the west of the Plöckenpass along the highest peaks of the mountain range.

□ Breathtaking mountain sceneries: discover a well preserved wildlife & flora and learn about mountain environment
□ Discover the charm of the Austrian mountain culture. Lodging in mountain huts
□ Great opportunity to meet local and foreign hiking enthusiasts. Manageable backpacks!


Day 1: meetup in Mauthen train station at 12:00. We take the bus, train or taxi to Sillian. From Sillian, we walk up to Sillianer hut (2447 m)
Walking time: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain: +1365 m

Day 2: Sillianer hut (2447 m) - Obstenserhütte (2300 m)
Walking time: 4 hours
Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain/loss: +380 m / -520 m

Day 3: Obstenserhütte (2300 m) - Porzehütte (1930 m)
Walking time: 6 hours
Distance: 9 km
Elevation gain/loss: +600 m / -950 m

Day 4: Porzehütte (1930 m) - Hochweißsteinhaus (1868 m)
Walking time: 8 hours
Distance: 16 km
Elevation gain/loss: +1150 m / -1100 m

Day 5: Hochweißsteinhaus (1868 m) - Wolyerseehütte (1960 m) - Valentinalm (1220 m). Taxi to Mauthen train station
Walking time: 8,5 hours
Distance: 19 km
Elevation gain/loss: +1150 m / -1650 m

Changes to the itinerary are at the discretion of the guide. These changes may be made due to weather conditions, conditions on the mountains, changes in accommodation, or fitness of the group.


Terrain: rocky and uneven alpine trails in mountainous environment. Long ascents and descents. Some exposed areas (could be secured with railings or chains), rocky or snowfields. Steep switchback ascents and descent.

Physical requirements: good balance, sure footing and concentration are a must. Good fitness level is key and a must!

Lodging: dormitory or 2-6 beds room in traditional alpine huts.

Food: breakfasts and dinners (typical austrian cuisine - vegetarian option usually available) in the huts. Food in the huts is nourishing and plentiful. However, bring along your own pack lunch and your favorite snack foods and energy bars.

Meeting location:  Sillian train station

Arriving location:  Kötschach-Mauthen train station

Guide: Certified hiking & trekking guide

Are dogs permitted? No

What’s included:
• English speaking, experienced & knowledgeable guide
• Walking poles

Price does not include: 
• Food, drinks, overnight stays in mountain huts (dormitory): add about 200€/person for 5 days and 4 nights. Discounts granted for members of European Alpine Clubs.
• Taxi Mauthen train station-Sillian on day 1 (about 17€/person)
• Taxi Valentinalm-Mauthen on day 4 (about 6€/person)
Mountain rescue insurance
• Transportation to/from the trailhead

• Additional charges incurred as a result of delays or due to itinerary changes beyond our control


Registration cut off: 5 weeks prior to departure


• Check distance, pace and terrain of hike to ensure it is within your fitness level. Call us before the hike if you have any questions or concerns.
• If you have any health problems that could affect your hiking performance, inform us.
• If you have any known asthma, allergies or hay fever, carry an­tihistamines. Asthma sufferers should carry their asthma medications or inhalers. Allergy suffers should carry an EpiPen(s) and ensure someone on the hike knows where you carry these. Diabetics should carry their medication.
• Wear comfortable boots/shoes.



During the tour you will be staying all nights in mountain huts and you will need to carry all the equipment and clothing you require for the duration of the tour. The huts are comfortable but basic with limited facilities – running cold water, European-style toilets, dormitory-style accommodation. All the huts provide ‘hut slippers’  and so you will not need to carry additional footwear.


□ Hat
□ Warm gloves
□ Wool, part wool or synthetic T-shirt
□ Sweater/jacket, wool or fleece
□ Mountain trouser
□ Rain jacket
□ Mountain boots covering your ankles. Your boots must be well broken in before the trip! Please do not let the enjoyment of your trip be severely compromised by blisters. NO SNEAKERS.

In the backpack (medium size - 60 liters. max.)

□ Sunglasses
□ Thermos or water bottle
□ Sunblock and lip balm
□ Money
Packed lunch, emergency rations (chocolate, candy bars, etc.), personal snack food
□ Headlamp
□ Personal medications
□ ID or passport, alpine club membership card, mobile phone, camera
□ Blister treatment. Compeed patches are the best.
□ Plastic bags to store gear inside your and for the waste
□ Light sleeping bag liner
(blankets are provided by the hut)  
□ Toiletry kit & small towel
□ Pocket knife

□ Rain trouser (to keep the trouser dry)
□ Toilet paper
□ Ear plugs

• In case you have forgotten parts of your equipment at home, please be so kind as to let us know about it before starting the tour.
• We bring along a comprehensive first aid kit on each trip.
• Pack light and don't take too much (max. 10 kg)! There are no storage facilities along the route.
You must carry your own stuff throughout.


 For any question, feel free to contact us

» Terms and conditions


Days: 5
Start/finish: Mauthen
Difficulty: level 3 (
trip rating)
Walking time: 4 to 8 hours/day
Up/down: 400 to 1650 m/day
Dates: mid Jun – end Sep


- Public hike: 300€/person
- Custom rates:
□ 1-4 people: 1600€/group
□ 5-8 people: 300€/person




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